The information provided below is indicative, kindly contact the closest Cameroonian Embassy for further information and visit the FAQ section at

If you are not a Cameroonian, then you most likely need a visa to enter Cameroon. Only Nigerians, Chadians and Central Africans don't need a visa to enter Cameroon. Citizens from CEMAC Countries may check with the Cameroonian embassy in their country whether they need a visa or not.

Fortunately, the visa application process has recently been made easier. Applications are submitted online ( and the expected processing time is about 3 working days, but it can also take up to one or several weeks. Once the visa is processed, you can either go to a competent Cameroonian diplomatic mission for fingerprint enrolment formalities, in which case the visa is printed in your passport directly, or, you can travel with a printed version of the online visa issuance authorisation (containing a QR Code), in which case the fingerprint enrolment formalities and the visa collection are done at the entry airport. We recommend collecting your visa before arriving in Cameroon whenever it is possible.   Even though the processing time could be as short as 3 days, it is recommended to apply for the visa as early as possible (at least 15 calendar days before your planned visit).

There are visa fees (about 153 EUR) to be paid when submitting the online visa application.

A proof of yellow fever vaccination is compulsory to enter Cameroon.

In general, the following documents are needed for the visa application:

This information and further details can be found at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the online visa application website:  For more general questions, please contact the General Chairs.

Kindly contact the General Chairs immediately after your registration to request for an invitation letter. See you soon in Douala !!