Fee waiver for Africa-based researchers

Thanks to the great input from our organising institutions (ANTIC and UBa), and to the valuable support from our sponsors, we are happy to announce that we will be able to (fully or partially) waive registration fees for about 10 Africa-based researchers. Priority will be given to (in order of importance):

The official call is available here: download fee waiver call.

Registration Fees

Kindly read the CAUTION section below before you pay your registration fees.



Non African Academia/Industry

Non African Student

African Industry

African Academia

African Student

Early Registration 

(until May 31st 2024)

500 EUR

350 EUR

350 EUR

250 EUR

150 EUR

Late Registration 

(from June 1st 2024 to July 10th)

600 EUR

450 EUR

450 EUR

350 EUR

250 EUR

Conference registration includes:

All attendees are welcome at the registration reception on Tuesday 9th July 2024, at 18:00.


How to register


Pay the registration fees (bank details at the end of this page) by wire transfer and save the transaction reference number (transaction ID). The purpose of the transfer should be Africacrypt 2024 Conference. For those residing in Cameroon, you can contact the General Chairs if you prefer a different payment method. 


Fill the registration form below. You would need the transaction ID you saved during the transfer of the registration fees.


Send an email to the General Chairs with your full name and a copy of the receipt of the wire transfer. Have a coffee to celebrate your successful registration 🎉!

Bank Details

*Some banks may flag the Swift code and IBAN provided below as incorrect. If you encounter this issue, try appending XXX to the swift code below to get UNAFCMCXXXX, everything else is unchanged. In case this still does not work, reach out to your bank, you may need them to manually authorise you to do unusual international transfers from you account. Reach out to the general chairs for any request you may have.